For the trained practitioner, making the correct diagnosis and then prescribing the best therapeutic solution for our patients is the core of our professional lives.

At ICB we share your passion for delivering Superior Biomechanical solutions for patients. We are dedicated to providing the most effective therapy through the highest quality in technical design, engineering and manufacturing.

All products in the ICB range are patented worldwide and have been developed from years of clinical experience with orthotic therapy as the primary treatment for patients with lower limb conditions. With vast and invaluable experience in its own clinics and orthotic laboratory, ICB have taken their expertise to new levels with it's highly engineered dual density heat moulding orthotic, together with a range of additions, assessment techniques and diagnostic equipment which allow practitioners to ‘have an orthotic laboratory in their own clinic'.


Combining contemporary science and technology with an experienced medical understanding of the needs of practitioners, ICB’s Dual Density Heat Moulding Medical Orthotics offer superior therapeutic effectiveness.

The ICB Dual Density Heat Moulding Orthotic bonds two densities of EVA to provide both COMFORT and THERAPEUTIC SUPPORT and offers practitioners a cost effective, yet highly sophisticated orthotic which is able to be customised in their own clinic.

ICB continues to innovate, keeping the needs of both patients and practitioners at the top of their agenda, utilising the manufacturing and engineering practises developed through its own custom made orthotic Laboratory which crafts over 10,000 pairs of orthotics each year. The result is a revolution in biomechanics and in the treatment of a whole range of lower limb conditions.