ICB Instruments

The ICB Medical Heat Gun is an essential tool when prescribing and fitting ICB Orthotics. Its powerful 2-speed motor is designed to assist Practitioners in heating and customising ICB Orthotics to the contour of each patients' feet. The ICB Medical Heat Gun is lightweight and enables the fitting of ICB Orthotics to take place in only a matter of minutes.

The ICB Gravity Goniometer is an important device when assessing and treating lower limb biomechanical conditions. It is used by the Practitioner to measure malleolar (tibial) torsion and hip range of motion to ascertain if the patient is within a normal range. If the patient's measurements are outside the normal parameters, these measurements will aid in diagnosis and the prescription of ICB Orthotics.

The ICB Gravity Goniometer has a precision laser cut aluminium dial and aluminium callipers which have been tumbled to smooth the edges.