ICB Orthotics

ICB's patented Dual Density Heat Moulding Orthotics are made of 100% EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) covalently bonded, locking the two densities together to provide an integrated support and comfort system. The closed cell construction of ICB Orthotics ensures they will resist compression and distortion, and have a longer life span. It is a simple, straightforward process for the Practitioner to mould and custom fit the ICB Orthotic to effectively treat specific conditions. ICB's wide orthotic range ensures there is an orthotic to suit every patient's needs.

ICB Orthotics have an intrinsic 5° rearfoot varus (with the exception of the High Heel model) to aid in realigning the rearfoot, in addition to a triangular shaft and midfoot stabiliser to allow weight to be evenly dispersed across the metatarsals.

100% EVA

EVA has a long 'construction memory' and can be moulded and adjusted to the patients' feet or cast, simply by applying heat. The Taibrelle covers resist bacteria, and are easily cleaned in warm water.


No air bubbles - so ICB Orthotics will resist compression and distortion.


Is a mid foot stabiliser which runs longitudinally from the mid foot through to the forefoot and splays out in a triangular shape. The Triangular Shaft allows weight to be dispersed evenly across the bones of the foot through its unique Weight Distribution System (WDS).


This is the ideal angle (due to patients having an average 4°- 6° tibial varum) for optimum performance as recommended by industry standards.


This gives biomechanical control of the subtalar joint during stance and gait, allowing balance, control and coordination.


Firmer density EVA gives support to the longitudinal arch and rear foot, aiding in mid tarsal joint support, the medium density EVA provides the patient with forefoot comfort during the gait cycle.

ICB Orthotics are available in a range of styles, ensuring there is an orthotic to fit almost any style of footwear. ICB's Soft, Mid and Firm density Orthotics incorporate a Taibrelle cover* on the dorsal surface, for added comfort.

ICB 2/3 Length Orthotics are recommended for use in regular walking shoes and most men's dress shoes, and are available in Soft, Mid, Firm and Sports Dual Density.

Soft (white) Density

Mid (blue) Density

Firm (green) Density

Sports Dual Density

ICB Full Length Orthotics should be fitted to sports shoes and work boots, and are available in Soft, Mid, Firm and Sports Dual Density.

Soft (white) Density

Mid (blue) Density

Firm (green) Density

Sports Dual Density

ICB Dress Style Orthotics possess the same intrinsic angles and features as the 2/3 length orthotic, with the exception that the lateral border has been removed, making it a great choice for patients with wide feet, or narrow fitting shoes.

ICB High Heel Orthotics have an intrinsic 3° rearfoot varus, due to the natural supinatory effect (approximately 2°) which occurs when wearing heels of 2cm or more. The ICB High Heel Orthotic is a mid density EVA, with a black taibrelle top cover. It is ideal for use in ladies low heel and high heel court shoes. It is extra thin in the heel and forefoot to fit into high heel footwear and can also be fitted to flat shoes with a shallow heel cup.

ICB Multicolour Childrens Orthotics are specifically designed for young and are available in both 2/3 and full length styles. The Multicolour orthotics are bright and colourful, and are constructed from mid density EVA, providing excellent biomechanical support and control.

ICB Children’s High Flange Orthotic are purposely designed with an intrinsic 35mm medial flange, 25mm lateral flange and heel cup, coupled with a 5° rearfoot varus posting, to realign the calcaneus and provide extra support to the medial arch, resulting in improved balance and control. The Children’s High Flange Orthotic is particularly useful when treating children with Hypermobility & mild Cerebral Palsy, and being made from 100% mid density EVA, it’s easy to heat mould and customise.