ICB Orthotic Additions

ICB Orthotic Additions allow the Practitioner to quickly and easily customise the orthotics to suit the patient's biomechanical requirements on the spot. All ICB Additions can be used on either a left or right orthotic. Each pack of ICB Additions includes double-sided adhesive tape used to adhere the addition to the orthotic. Being made of 100% EVA, ICB additions can be heated and ground down (using a bench grinder, nail drill or Dremel) if required.

ICB Metatarsal Domes

ICB Metatarsal Domes are designed to lift the transverse arch and spread the metatarsals, helping to relieve symptoms of Metatarsalgia and Mortons Neuroma. ICB Metatarsal Domes can be applied for a 2-5 varus where the 1st and 5th MTPJ sit lower than the 2nd, 3rd and 4th MTPJs. Domes can be added to the dorsal surface or to the plantar surface to create an intrinsic metatarsal dome. Sizes available: Small & Large (10 pack with double-sided tape).

Intrinsic Metatarsal Dome

Metatarsal Dome

ICB Forefoot Wedges

Can be attached to the orthotic when additional forefoot support is required. ICB Forefoot Additions can be used to treat either a forefoot varus or valgus deformity and are tapered to allow a smooth drop-off on the distal edge, for added comfort. The same addition can be added medially (for a forefoot varus) or laterally (for a forefoot valgus) as required. Sizes available: 4° & 6° (10 pack with double-sided tape).

Forefoot Varus

Forefoot Valgus

ICB Rearfoot Wedges

Can be attached to the orthotic when additional rearfoot control is required (more than the 5° inversion built into 2/3 and full length ICB Orthotics). Patients who pronate more than 5° may require additional rearfoot posting to give optimum results. Sizes available: 2° & 4° (10 pack with double-sided tape).

Rearfoot Varus

ICB Heel Lifts Regular

Can be used to aid in the treatment of a structural short leg. ICB Heel Lifts can also be used as a short term treatment for Achilles Tendonitis. Heel lifts should always be used in conjunction with ICB Orthotics for effective treatment. Sizes available: 4mm, 6mm & 8mm (Small, Medium & Large).

ICB Extended Heel Lifts

ICB Extended Heel Lifts are useful when a raise of more than 8mm is required.  Finishing behind the metatarsal heads, these lifts provide extended control and support, whilst not interfering with the patient’s ability to toe-off.  Available in: 10mm (Sml, Med & Lge) & 15mm (Sml, Med & Lge).

Sold individually, with double-sided tape provided.

ICB Inversion/Eversion Ramps

ICB Inversion Ramps can also be used as eversion ramps, or extended forefoot valgus/varus wedges.  ICB Inversion Ramps are 32cm long to allow for quick and easy modification of an orthotic.  Available individually in 4°, 6° & 8°, with double-sided tape supplied.

ICB Medial Arch Infills

ICB Medial Arch Infills have been designed using a low density EVA to provide extra medial longitudinal arch support, whilst still maintaining the comfort of the orthotic in the rearfoot and forefoot.

ICB Arch Infills are available in 3 sizes: Small (fits XS & SML ICB Orthotics), Medium (fits MED & LGE ICB Orthotics) & Large (fits XL & XXL ICB Orthotics).

Sold in pairs, with double-sided tape for application.

ICB Medial Flanges

ICB Medial Flanges can be attached to the dorsal surface of the orthotic, on top of the medial arch contour, to provide extra comfort and support.

ICB Medial Flanges are sold in pairs (with double-sided tape provided), and are available in 2 sizes: small & large, and 2 densities: soft (light blue) & firm (dark blue).